Places of Interest

Jump Creek Falls

Beautiful little cove with waterfall and pond. Restroom facilities at parking area. Short hike to falls. You may get feet wet crossing creek. 

Directions: Go north from Givens Hot Springs 10 miles; turn left (west) on Pershall Road; continue west approximately 6 miles to North Jump Creek Road. Turn left (south) and go approximately 3.5 miles. Turn right through fence and across cattle-guard; follow signs to the Jump Creek parking area.

Bernard's Landing

Sportsman's access, boat ramp, restrooms (vault), and fishing.                                                                                                         

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 3 miles. Located on left-hand side of the road.

Reynolds Creek Road

Area for 4-wheeling.                                                                                                                                                                         

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 9 miles, then go right 12 Miles.

Rabbit Creek Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Area for 4-wheeling.                                                                                                                                                                         


Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 17 miles. Turn right at signs.


Owyhee County Courthouse, Museum (donations accepted), Sheriff.

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 18 miles.

Silver City

Idaho Hotel - (208) 583-2510

What Not Shop - (208) 583-2510

Fascinating mining ghost town, much of it privately owned. Some amenities, including functioning historic hotel and restaurant, restrooms (outhouse variety) around town. Tourist season: Memorial Day to 2nd week in September. Call above numbers for more information.       

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs approximately 24 miles to cut-off. Turn right (West) and go 24 miles. Road is a winding, one-lane dirt road, much of it fairly steep, but fairly well maintained during the summer. Access only by snowmobile in winter weather.


(208) 834-2397

Amazing, unique, intriguing (and every other positive adjective you could think of), Old West "town", including former contents of Silver City Museum. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-5pm; other times by appointment. $10 for adults; $5 for children. There's something to interest everyoneWell worth the cost and the drive!     

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 41 miles; turn left at sign and follow road--which will turn to the right at the bottom--for another mile. Make another left on the lane lined with old farm equipment.

Dan's Ferry Service

(208) 495-2507

Gas, convenience store, cafe, unique birdhouse collection, nature path, (museum - by appointment only).                                       

Directions: Go south from Givens Hot Springs 8 miles, turn left on Highway 45, go 1 mile.

AREA WINERIES - Ask at Givens front desk for brochure.