GIVENS HOT SPRINGS 11309 Hwy 78 Givens Hot Springs, ID 83641


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Caution: Please follow direction below. GPS sometimes erroneoously sends people into Melba, which is several miles from Givens Hot Springs. 


Directions from Boise

1. Head west from Boise on I-84.

2. Take Nampa exit 33A (comes after 33B), which makes a sweeping right turn onto Hwy 55 (Karcher Road), again headed west.

3. Follow Hwy. 55 to the Marsing bridge (14 miles from Nampa exit.).

4. Cross bridge and continue on same road to Logan's Market.

5. Turn left (sign on right, before turning, will say Hwy. 78, Givens Springs, Oregon Trail.)

6. Go south 11 miles, and you're here!

Driving time from Boise - App. 1 hour

Directions from Ontario

1. Head south from Ontario on I-84.

2. Take exit 33 in Idaho and go west to Marsing.

3. Follow directions 4-6 under "Directions from Boise" above.

Driving time from Ontario- Approx. 1-1 1/2 hours

GPS coordinates: (Am told these coordinates stop a little short of the Springs.  Just find your way to Marsing, turn south on Hwy. 78, and come another 11 miles.)

Latitude: 43' 24'58" N

Longitude: 116' 42'22" W